Born in Rijssen in the region of Twente in the Netherlands, on May 1979 Erik started his musical career at 6 years old at the local musicschool with the flute. After making a switch to the trumpet at 'muziekvereniging Wilhelmina' he started lessons with the Horn from the age of 9 years. After 10 years of lessons Erik got his D-diploma at the KNFM, meanwhile he finished High school and Intermediate vocational education, before he decided to start studying at the conservatory.

Horn study

Erik started his horn study in 2001 with Petra Botma at the conservatory Artez in Zwolle. In 2002 he continued his study with Martin van de Merwe and Bob Stoel at the conservatory Codarts in Rotterdam, where he got his 1st fase diploma in 2005. In november 2007 he passed Cum Laude for his 2nd fase diploma Horn. Erik also followed several masterclasses from (among others) Herman Baumann, Peter Damm and Ab Koster.


Erik plays 3 different types of horn

Alexander - Single F horn

The single horn is equiped with three or four valves. The three main valves, which are operated with the pointer, middle and ringfinger, are there to fill in the holes between the natrual tones, by setting the horn in a lower tuning combination. The first valve lowers the horn a whole step. In other words, the horn tunes from B-flat to A-flat. The second valve, lowers the horn half a step. So the horn is tuned from B-flas to A. The third valve lowers the horn one and a half step. This means the horn is tuned from B-flat to G. The fourth valve wich is operated with the thumb, can give several lowerings of the horn. This is depended on the tube length and typical lowerings are half a step, a 'stop' step, ore two and a half step.

Alexander 103 – F/B-flat double horn

The dubbelhoorn is the default horn instrument in a symphonie orchestra.

De Alexander 103 is a combination between a F and a B-flat horn. With the Thumb valve you can switched between both tunings.

Paxman – High F/ High Bb double horn

The Paxman followes the same principle as the Alexander 103, but combines the High F and the High Bb horn.


As substitute Erik has played in several Dutch Symphony, millitary orchestras and ensambles, among which: 'Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest', 'Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest', 'Orkest van het Oosten', 'Doelen Ensemble', 'Valerius Ensemble', 'Metropole Orkest', 'L’Orchestra Particolare', 'Marinierskapel', 'Koninklijke Militaire Kapel Johan Willem Friso' and the orchestra of the Royal Dutch Airforce.


From 2005 onward, Erik has been active in the world of musicals and has participated in the productions shown below: