Rozendom Music

Rozendom Music

Rozendom Music is a sole proprietorship managed by Erik Rozendom.

Erik is involved in various activities, he is a graduated horn player, conductor of several orchestras, and he also teaches several students. Erik is also an arranger, his arrangements can be ordered through this site.


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Deel 1 Belkis, Regina di Saba voor fanfare
Deel 1 Belkis, Regina di Saba voor fanfare

Part 1 Belkis, Regina di Saba for Brass band

Finally available the brass band version of Belkis, Regina di Saba.

This piece tells the story of Belkis the beautiful and young queen of Saba who is invited by Salomon.

Originally it is a Ballet of 80 minutes, but later a suite was made of it that lasts about 25 minutes.

This first part "Solomon's Dream" takes place in Solomon's torchlit harem in Jerusalem.

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