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Adhoc 2019 grand success

Erik conducted the holiday orchestra Adhoc this summer. In a challenging program with eg. Grand Fanfare by D'Addona and The Sword and the Crown, but also very fine pieces of music such as Mine own King am I (beautifully performed by Anne Hoogendijk) and Moanin '(played very rowdy by Daan van koppen), the French audience was spoiled by the great musicians from the holiday orchestra that exists only for the occasion of this tour. In addition to the musical aspect, there was also a lot of room for a lot of social interaction, which ultimately made the tour a great success.

The program: 
1. Grand Fanfare - Giancarlo Castro D'Addona 
2. Aguëro - José Franco Ribate 
3. The Sword and the Crown - Edward Gregson 
4. Serenity - Ola Gjeilo / arr. J. Eric Wilson & Ola Gjeilo 
5. Vongole! (Baritone Sax and Orchestra) - Satoshi Yagisawa      (Soloist Daan van Koppen) 
6. L'Invitation Au Voyage - Arend Gerds 
7. Gammatique - Gerard Boedijn 
8. Molly on the Shore - Percy Grainger 
9. Maleficent - James Newton Howard, E. E. Rosendom 
10. Promenade, "Walking the Dog" arr. D. Bourgeois 
11. Jazz Waltz No. 1 - Otto M. Schwarz 
12. My Own King Am I - Eric Vloeimans        (soloist Anne Hoogendijk) 
13. Disney Villains Medley - Eiji Suzuki 
14. Moanin '- Charles Mingus, Erik Erik Rozendom         (soloist Daan van Koppen) 
15. African Symphony - Van McCoy, arr. Naohiro Iwai 
16. Tribute to Edith Piaf - Roland Kernen 
17. Scherzo for Band - Gioachino Rossini 
18. Rolling Thunder - Henry Fillmore

17 augustus 2019

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